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Architecture Inspired Furniture

Historic and unique architecture becomes furniture with a story. This is original design, part furniture and part functional art using geometric harmony and symmetry to evoke a sense of place and a connection to archetypal forms. Beautifully executed and crafted, combining traditional techniques with innovative use of materials. Made in the UK.

Architecture provides a stage for life, with public spaces acting as backdrops for life’s experiences.

“I wanted to describe a place where architecture ended and the world of imagination began and the theatre, in which the architecture serves as a possible background, a setting, a building that can be calculated and transformed into measurements and concrete materials of an often elusive feeling…”
— Aldo Rossi, referring to his Teatro Mondo in Venice

PALLADIO MAKES AN ENTRANCE with a colonnaded bench

The Portico Palladio Bench is perfect for museum galleries, exhibition spaces, reception areas, hallways and houses.

This solid, embracing and generous bench for three features a straight back with a deep seat leaving room for a cushion. In a public space it is a seat that will encourage interaction and add to the ambience.

Made to order by one of Scotland’s most reputable architectural and bespoke joinery companies, the design combines innovative use of materials with technology and traditional craftsmanship.

The precision cut panels utilise the strength, stability and size of high quality Birch plywood. The design makes a feature of the striking layered edges, the honest aesthetic of ply gives emphasis to the detail.

Though machine cut to exact specifications the panels still require meticulous hand finishing. These are complimented by the use of beautiful Tulip wood (poplar) framing.

Traditional mortise and tenon joints are used to build the body around a reinforced base giving it a strong, robust construction designed to withstand heavy traffic.

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