Lucy Baird trained as a sculptor, specialising in large public artworks, working across disciplines, materials and processes. Driven by curiosity, inventiveness and a desire to create original works both functional and beautiful in an innovative way. Commitment to quality and a rigorous approach to the design process follow on from keeping the narrative and integrity of historic architecture.

Design for wood came from researching early architecture and finding the best way to capture the forms in a functional way. As the arch provides a basis for infinite variations, a bench too can take almost any form allowing a free hand in its design. The pattern of springing arches combine to make a colonnade conveying a sense of place and a connection to archetypal forms of early architecture.

The final design slowly emerged from making a full size model, combining all the elements and layers of meaning in one design. Tests were done to ascertain the level of detail obtainable with CNC cutting, only then was it given to the cabinet makers for input on the best way to construct it. Made with love and meticulous attention to detail.

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