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The Models

Water jet cut from marine plywood, the models take the form of a collapsible display stand, a wood kit of parts easy to assemble and disassemble, when locked together it will provide a sturdy stable display stand with a shelf and angled back support for your any-things, or simply act as a decorative object in itself.

The scale of the models was made with the idea of displaying postcards and business cards but really they are made to play with, make them your own. Like the Venetian palace facades these too are meant to be viewed at their best angles.

The design is simple in appearance, but works because the support brackets are made to hold or release the shelf, and when inserted the shelf acts as a locking device, so that no other elements are required to hold the stand together. Production of these depends on precision, and pushing the materials to their limits.

Assembly instructions included.


The kit you receive consists of the backboard with the design cut out, 2 or 3 support brackets, depending on the design width, and a shelf which is 33 mm or 1 and 1/4 inches wide. The parts require no other elements to hold them together, they form a self locking unit, when assembled they can be moved and handled without coming apart.

Each design has its component parts specifically made to suit its form, they are all unique.

Easy to put together and take apart, they can be neatly packed flat for shipping.

UK Patent No GB2506492 and GB Design Registered

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