Water & Wood

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The designs require incredibly sharp detailed inside cutting, water jet cutting is the only technique that will meet this high standard and still allow for use of a high quality wood to which finishes can later be applied.
The models are made using water only water jet cutting, producing the finest cutting with a jet diameter of 0.18mm (cut like a jigsaw puzzle) this is a very clean process, the cut parts are not affected by heat and no smoke, fumes or other contaminants are produced. The water used can be recycled.

Designed and Made in the UK


The water jet cutting gives the designs their quality, but the wood gets wet in the process, so in order to work with this technology, the designs are made from high grade 6mm marine plywood.

The wood has a fine grain, varies in colour from white to pale mahogany, takes finishes well, and is light and very strong and able to withstand the water pressure without chipping. These are made to last.

The wood is carefully selected from a specialist marine wood supplier. The Okoume plywood is FSC certified and Lloyds approved BS1088 standard with a 15 year guarantee.

We maintain a commitment to high quality production methods using environmentally friendly materials


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